Pros and Cons of Buying Massage Cream in Bulk, MASSAGE MagazineThere is no doubt that a one-size-fits-all massage cream is quite convenient for the busy massage or bodywork professional. After all, if you can find a massage cream that suits the majority of your clients the majority of the time, then you can simply order this massage cream in bulk amounts and be stocked for business for a long period of time.

The ability to buy your massage cream in bulk this way can help massage therapists and bodyworkers save both money and time, as bulk orders tend to be cheaper, and having a large quantity of massage cream on hand means you do not need to spend time shopping for your massage cream.

There are a few factors that should be considered, however, before you go and place your order for a large quantity of massage cream. The first issue here is you should be completely confident in the massage cream you choose, because you do not want to order a massage cream in bulk and then find out you do not really like it after all.

In order to be confident in the massage cream you select, when planning to order it in bulk, the professional massage therapist or bodyworker should already have quite a bit of hands-on experience with this particular massage cream. That way, the practitioner can know without a doubt that this massage cream suits his or her own needs, as far as techniques or modalities practiced, and also suits the needs of the majority of his or her clients.

If you possess such confidence in your massage cream of choice, then it can be a business savvy move to take advantage of bulk purchasing rates and the convenience of having plenty of massage cream in stock at your practice. However, even if you do have full confidence in the massage cream, there are some reasons you may want to consider trying other massage creams as well, which may mean ordering in smaller amounts.

One reason not to purchase your massage cream in bulk is because you may get tired of this massage cream, even if it serves its purpose quite well. After using the same massage cream day after day, you may simply wish to have a bit of change in your session room, which might be achieved with the use of a new massage cream.

Another reason you may wish to purchase your massage cream in smaller quantities is because you may find that you need a different type of massage cream if you make any changes to your practice menu, in terms of offering new techniques or modalities. For example, if you make a shift from practicing mostly relaxation massage into more of a deep-tissue practice, you could find that the massage cream you recently ordered in bulk is a bit too slippery for the more focused deep-tissue work.

A final reason you may want to reduce the amount of massage cream you order all at once is that by making a smaller order, you may be able to order an array of massage cream, allowing you to better tailor the massage cream you use to each client and his or her issues.