St. Petersburg, FL May 01, 2010 – With its new ProSun WaterWave, ProSun introduces a breakthrough in healthy, relaxing massage therapy. The ProSun WaterWave provides a rapid and full-body benefit that enhances the effect of treatments given by massage therapists.

ProSun WaterWave Available to Massage Therapists, MASSAGE MagazineThe ProSun WaterWave’s powerful jets of warm water and therapeutic heat provide a pain-relieving effect, and increased circulation helps deliver vital oxygen to the body while removing impurities. The ProSun WaterWave conforms to the user’s body and delivers ideal pressure without bone and joint irritation. The client will have no contact with chemicals (like whirlpools), lotions or oils and most importantly does not require disrobing. The ProSun WaterWave’s speeds, session times and body zones can be adjusted through the user-friendly, hand-held control.

A 15-minute pre-session on the ProSun WaterWave will prepare the client’s body for your treatment and can make a massage therapist’s work easier! The ProSun WaterWave can relieve your client’s discomfort and pain, stimulate the flow, drainage of the lymphatic system and make connective tissue easier to stretch. It will relax the superficial muscles and increase the circulation, making the client’s tissue more prepared for deeper work by the practitioner. The ProSun WaterWave will also make them more relaxed and comfortable before your hands-on session.

The ProSun WaterWave is space efficient at only 21 square feet, available in a 110 or 220 volt unit, does not require extra staff or office space, is never tired to work and will never call in sick. The ProSun WaterWave is an excellent marketing tool, which will differentiate your business from competitors, help you retain clientele, get referrals and increase the frequency of their visits. The ProSun WaterWave will become a profit center for your business and generate additional revenue fast. People will and want to pay for services that work and make them feel good.

ProSun WaterWave Available to Massage TherapistsThe ProSun WaterWave is also available with facial skin rejuvenation on the top in addition to the massage. With this option you can reduce the signs of aging in the facial and chest area all while enjoying a relaxing massage. The FSR emits near infrared light, a.k.a. phototherapy. Red light phototherapy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. It accelerates the repair of damaged skin cells and brings additional red blood cells to areas where collagen has weakened. This method will diminish fine lines, wrinkles, creases, crow’s feet, brown spots and age spots. It refines pore sizes and skin texture without undergoing chemical peels, injections or surgery.

ProSun International has been a top manufacturer and supplier of high-quality tanning and skin rejuvenation equipment for more than 29 years and is in full gear with the release of its latest product line, The ProSun WaterWave.

More information about the ProSun WaterWave, manufactured by ProSun, is available online at or at (800) 874-2776.