As sunny days get longer, sunscreen must become an essential part of your beauty routine. Petite Marie Organics introduces an organic antioxidant sunscreen with Invisible Minerals (TM): SUNSAVER SPF15+ holistic formula helps protect from UV radiation, free radicals and pollution, and it is aluminum-free, paraben-free, and chemical-free.

Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK (PRWEB) May 18, 2009 — Are you going green in your beauty routine yet find it difficult to find a completely natural sunscreen without aluminum, PABA, or petrochemicals?

SUNSAVER Holistic Environmental Protection Cream (SPF 15+) by Petite Marie Organics ( is a blessing for anyone who wants to avoid potentially toxic UV absorbers. It blocks sun rays physically by the use of INVISIBLE MINERALS, a powerful 20 percent zinc oxide infusion in antioxidant base of green tea, resveratrol, Arctic berries, beta-carotene, L-ascorbic acid, and echinacea. It contains no aluminum, nanoparticles, parabens, phenoxyethanol, petrochemicals, propylene glycols, or artificial fragrances.

SUNSAVER cream and a lightweight lotion is approved by a dermatologist. SUNSAVER contain no sensitizing ingredients and may be used around eyes and on children over 6 months old.

The formula of the SUNSAVER was inspired by the original XVII century “receipt” found in an original medical book dating back to 1635. Healing herbal extracts help reinforce skin’s natural protective mechanism and ward off free radical attacks that result in acne, photodamage, and premature skin aging.

Why zinc oxide? Zinc oxide has the very high refraction index that is rivaled only by diamonds. It is more beneficial for human skin than titanium dioxide. To perform well, titanium dioxide has to be micronized into nanoparticles which can be carried around the body via blood. Zinc oxide in SUNSAVER is not micronized. It contributes to the health of acne-prone skin by soothing inflammation and absorbing excess oil from the epidermis.

Key benefits of SUNSAVER:

This organic sunscreen contains no chemical UV absorbers: sun rays are reflected by mineral shield that offers broad UV protection (both UVA and UVB).

INVISIBLE MINERALS leave no white residue: thanks to the innovative technology, the cream remains invisible on your skin even in hot weather.

No greasy residue: lightweight jojoba oil is suitable even for oily, acne-prone skin;

This organic sunscreen feels great under makeup: no more heavy layers of beauty products that melt under sun; SUNSAVER leaves a lightweight matte powdery finish;

The formula contains no chemicals. Conventional sunscreens often contain ingredients that may contribute to allergies, acne, free radical damage, and other less-than-pretty skin conditions.

This sunscreen be used on very sensitive, oily skin, and it works well for babies, too!

SUNSAVER Holistic Environmental Protection Cream SPF 15 is packed in glass jars and has to be used within 3 months after opening. It contains non-photosensitizing blend of preservatives including potassium sorbate and VivACE, Petite Marie Organics’ own blend of antibacterial vitamins A, C, E and essential oils.

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SUNSAVER Holistic Environmental Protection Cream SPF 15 is available for reviews, giveaways, contests, and charitable auctions. Please contact Julie Gabriel for product samples, book copies, or more information.

Rose water*, jojoba oil*, zinc oxide, purified mineral water, vegetable glycerin*, emulsifying vegetable wax, calendula extract*, calendula flower oil*, aloe barbadensis water*, echinacea extract*, carrot extract*, rosemary extract*, arctic cranberry oil and extract*, arctic blackberry oil and extract*, gingko biloba extract*, green tea catechins, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium sorbate, resveratrol. (* certified organic ingredients)

A former magazine beauty editor, a journalist, and a holistic nutritionist educated at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Julie Gabriel is the author of Clear Skin: Organic Action Plan for Acne (iUniverse 2007) and The Green Beauty Guide: Your Essential Resource to Organic and Natural Skincare, Hair Care, Makeup and Fragrances (Health Communications 2008).

A Canadian living in the United Kingdom, Julie is a regular guest at Martha Stewart’s Living Radio and has been featured in USA Today, Natural Solutions, Body&Soul, Toronto Star, Sun Sentinel, and many other publications across the globe.

Founded in 2007, Petite Marie Organics is a holistic organic beauty line that offers complete, functional solutions for acne, eczema, and dry skin. Named after Julie’s daughter, the line offers organic and all-natural cleansers, toners, moisturizers, teas, and spa products for troubled, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. All products are free from petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, dyes, or artificial fragrances.

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