From greater range of motion and far less tension to a more relaxed mental state and improved circulation, there are many benefits clients can reap from a session with a skilled massage therapist or bodyworker. The practitioner’s goal may be to ensure that each client walks away from the table with one or more of these benefits and that the session has made such a positive impact that the client is going to want to come back—and perhaps even tell his or her friends to come see you, as well.

In order to achieve this worthwhile goal with as many clients as possible, the professional massage therapist or bodyworker typically needs to have skilled hands, a solid knowledge base and a certain amount of experience working with a variety of clients. However, even the most talented and informed manual therapist can have trouble drawing new and repeat clients if the ones who walk away from the table have any kind of negative side effects or impressions. To slash the chances of that happening—and boost the odds that you are making a positive impression on each client—make sure you are using a massage cream that is not likely to bring on any adverse effects.

Protect the Face 

As an example, if you happen to practice techniques that involve facial massage, it could be important to pick out a massage cream that has been formulated specifically for the more delicate skin of the face. This type of lubricant may be a better bet for massage of the neck and chest, as well, as this skin can also be more delicate. The reason for purchasing a separate massage cream for the face, neck and chest is because these areas may be more sensitive and prone to unwanted reactions if a pore-clogging or otherwise irritating massage cream is applied.

Ingredient Pros and Cons

It seems safe to assume that the last thing any professional practitioner wants is for a client to break out on the face, chest or neck because a thick, oily massage cream was rubbed into these areas during the appointment. In order to decrease the odds of such a situation, consider purchasing a massage cream that is free of oil, free of fragrance and, if possible, has been created specifically for facial massage. This way, you can worry less about any potential drawbacks a client will notice after a session with you and focus completely on how to deliver as many healthy perks as possible to the customers who come through your door.

For instance, you may choose a massage cream for the face, neck and decollete that will not only lower the chances of irritation but also increase the odds of the client walking away with more radiant skin. To achieve this effect, you may wish to look for a face massage cream that contains ingredients such green tea, white grape, pomegranate and grapeseed extracts, among others.