Therapeutic Touch, an energy-work technique, is used in hospitals around the world, usually for patient relaxation and pain relief.

A new pilot study has found a protocol for delivering Therapeutic Touch in the operative setting can be successfully developed and implemented, according to a report published on

This study was the first to develop a protocol for delivering Therapeutic Touch in the preoperative course of neurological patients, according to its authors. The study explored the impact of Therapeutic Touch on selected outcomes in endovascular patients: blood pressure, pulse and respirations.

The purpose of this pilot study was to determine whether Therapeutic Touch can be effectively used in the operative setting and whether it could produce positive outcomes in the period from cerebral angiography to discharge, according to the report.

Although the efficacy of Therapeutic Touch on the assessed outcomes was not statistically significant, the results of “A Study of the Feasibility of Introducing Therapeutic Touch Into the Operative Environment With Patients Undergoing Cerebral Angiography” show that an energy-work protocol is feasible in the operative environment.

The results are published in the Journal of Holistic Nursing.

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