Reverse osmosis technology proven to be the only reliable solution to remove all contaminants now made affordable to homeowners and businesses.

Las Vegas (Vocus) September 25, 2009 — Today, Pure Revolution, a company specializing in residential and commercial water purification systems, announces its PureOFlow high-efficiency reverse osmosis is the effective solution to the alarming health hazards of contaminants in tap water.

In April 2009, following a five-month investigation, Associated Press (AP) exposed the legal dumping of pharmaceuticals in the waterways impacting at least 41 million Americans. Around the same time, the Chicago Tribune reported that "for more than two decades, the 11,000 or so residents in this working-class community (Crestwood) unknowingly drank tap water contaminated with toxic chemicals linked to cancer and other health problems."

Recently, New York Times award-winning reporter, Charles Duhigg ran an exposé series on "Toxic Water," where he uncovered the dangers of weed killers, farm runoff and other pollutants in water supplies. Last week, AOL Health writer Justine Van Der Leun published an interview with James Workman — co-founder of a private venture that secures a tradable human right to water — delving further into the subject of contaminated tap water.

While reporting the presence of many over-the-counter prescription drugs and medicines in drinking water, the April 2009 AP report cited that, ”One technology, reverse osmosis, removes virtually all pharmaceutical contaminants but is very expensive.” The report also noted that, reverse osmosis is only appropriate ”for large-scale use and leaves several gallons of polluted water for every one that is made drinkable.”

Pure Revolution’s patented technology, powered by GE, is an affordable and more water efficient water purification that can be used for the whole-home or whole business: eliminating point-of-use systems, water softeners and lowering maintenance costs. Operating near a 1:1 ratio, Pure Revolution’s PureOFlow system is designed to produce a recovery rate that is 80% more efficient than traditional reverse osmosis. With its water reclaim system, PureOFlow produces can be adapted to produce zero waste. In areas where water conservation is of paramount importance, PureOFlow becomes a natural choice.

In the AOL Health article, Van Der Leun highlights the states with the most Toxic Tap Water causing severe health problems in these areas, ranging from cancer to cardiovascular to skin sensitivity. The PureOFlow reverse osmosis (RO) system removes nearly all of the substances found in tap water both natural — such as hard water salts, and manmade — such as pharmaceutical contaminants and other industrial wastes. As water enters the building it passes through a PureOFlow system containing a series of membranes that work to reduce up to 98% of more well known harmful substances such as arsenic, lead, and radium – neutralizing particles as small as 1,000th the width of a human hair, as well as eliminating any trace-amounts of drugs in drinking water.

Mike Paice, President of Pure Revolution, is concerned that Nevada ranked number seven in the states with the most Toxic Tap Water, with 85.9% of water systems in violation of the health-based drinking water standards. Paice says, "Many consumers and businesses have turned to band-aid solutions to fix the problems with water quality. Water softeners do not remove all contaminants. In fact, the salts from water softeners are polluting the environment."

A CNN report titled ”Is your bottled water safe?” reveals that bottled water is not safer than tap water. Quoting research findings from Environmental Working Group (EWG), the report adds, "If families can afford it, (EWG researcher Nneka Leiba) recommends a reverse osmosis filter, which will eliminate all impurities."

Paice adds, "With water forming such an important aspect of our life and economy, it is a sad reality that tap water and bottled water are not subject to the same standards." The Environmental Protection Agency regulates drinking water quality while bottled water is regulated by the Food & Drug Administration.

It is a well-documented fact that bottles increase our petroleum dependency and end up in landfills. Petroleum dependency and landfills are not the only problems caused by the elite Fiji Water. Anna Lenzer, recently conducted an investigation of Fiji Water, breaking down the façade of their advertising which had made it the darling of the eco-conscious rich and famous. In a new exposé in Mother Jones magazine Lenzer raises alarming questions about Fiji Water’s ties to the nation’s military junta, the company’s environmental record, and its impact on the residents of Fiji.


About Pure Revolution
As a company, Pure Revolution envisions a future where the world’s fresh water crisis is addressed and managed through home technologies. With the PureOFlow whole-house/whole-business reverse osmosis water purification system, bottled water, household water softeners and at-sink filters become unnecessary, saving homeowners money and reducing waste. PureOFlow products represents the best solution to address today’s economic and environmental concerns related to greener, cleaner water solutions, as well as offering a valuable solution to water softener bans across the nation. PureOFlow systems satisfy all of these concerns by generating ROI and contributing positively to the environment. It is truly the perfect time for this product.

More than 1,000 businesses have trusted PureOFlow technology to provide purified water efficiently and cost-effectively to their customers. PureOFlow has received more than a 90% satisfaction rating. Hundreds of residential customers have adopted PureOFlow whole house reverse osmosis systems. PureOFlow was selected for Discovery Channel’s Green Planet Series, "Greenovate." For more information visit, or call (702) 834-6570.


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