Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch, commander of III Corps and Fort Hood, has a plan to keep soldiers and their families rock solid under stress…Lynch’s plan is coming to life in the Resiliency Campus…An entire square block of buildings will provide the nucleus for a sanctuary to help soldiers and families develop resiliency from within.

Five buildings…in this block are being restored to that purpose and will help soldiers, families, civilian workers and retirees seek a balanced lifestyle, said Col. Bill Rabena, commandant of the Resiliency Campus. “The Resiliency Campus will incorporate a holistic approach to balance every aspect of the individual – mind, body and spirit – to help them achieve measurable health goals.”

…two buildings will provide a wellness center with 14 activities. A human performance lab will determine a client’s resting metabolism, maximum cardio endurance and a health and fitness program…Classes will include aerobics, wall climbing, massage therapy and fitness coaching.

Temple Daily Telegram, Fort Hood, Texas, July 25