Jeanelle Clark’s zest for life was born of second chances.

Against all odds, her son Philip Cala survived a brain tumor. Diagnosed at age 2, he is now a healthy 25-year-old…

“He couldn’t believe I was alive,” she said. “I couldn’t breathe from the head injury. Then he couldn’t believe I didn’t have any broken bones other than in my spine, where the truck hit me. I’m sure an angel caught me in the air because I should have had other broken bones…”

“The accident has brought me so many gifts,” Clark said. “I learned finally to be in the present moment, and just to be available to love and to be loved. I allowed all that. Before the accident, I ran from it just intensely. I was a brick wall and that day, the wall was broken down.”

Clark is passionate about her new vocation as a licensed medical massage practitioner and licensed massage therapist., Mobile, Alabama, July 7, 2009