It may look like a typical trip to the doggie doctor but this clinic – the Centinela Animal Hospital – is a place where clients say miracles do happen.

Henry is 15 — he’s been diagnosed with nasal cancer. After visiting a vet, who used conventional medicines, Henry was referred to Dr. Richard Palmquist.

Palmquist uses alternative treatments to fight disease. He says nutrition is the foundation, and he combines that philosophy with homo-toxicology, homeopathy, herbal therapy, acupuncture, oils and body work.

Back to Henry- treatments like oil aromatherapy help clear up his congestion…instead of attacking Henry’s cancer, Palmquist focuses on treating Henry’s natural defenses. So a nutritious diet is also tailored to battle Henry’s cancer.

Dr. Palmquist provides hope and with each case, he’s changing the odds, publishing his studies along the way.

CBS, Los Angeles, California, Nov 2, 2009