Designed the way healing really should be, this wellness center for breast cancer survivors delivers. This interview with the founder of the You Can Thrive! program will remind massage therapists why they began studying integrative medicine in the first place.

Q: Can you share how and why you started You Can Thrive!?

LH: I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35 years old, and was very aware of the discrepancy between the amount of funding and awareness for breast cancer vs. how hard it was for a survivor to find affordable services…I found that about 85 percent of breast cancer survivors were in some financial straits – with a large percentage in severe hardship. This translates to not having enough money for supportive services, especially when they are needed.

Q: As a breast cancer survivor, what has been your personal experience with acupuncture, massage therapy and nutrition?

LH: I didn’t have these services when diagnosed, and was angry – even with a moderate income – that I still couldn’t afford it.

Q: How do clients at You Can Thrive! generally respond to your program?

LH: I see that people coming through our program have help dealing with anger and resentment and reconnecting their mind and body – which is as important as dealing with symptoms of breast cancer treatment. As determined by self-evaluation forms, clients have reported that within the first four visits, primary symptoms reduced around 50 percent.