After the birth can be a difficult time, and it’s not surprising with the physical and emotional strain that some mothers become depressed. Rose otto is a good, all-around female oil. It balances the hormones, it helps relieve nervous tension and depression, and is also good for insomnia. Other oils are sandalwood (santalum album), lavender, clary sage, jasmine (jasminum officinale) and ylang ylang  (cananga odorata). You could use a combination of the oils e.g. rose, clary sage and lavender. Blend with a carrier oil 1-2 drops per 5ml of carrier, or in a bath.

Another effective way to use aromatherapy is with an oil burner or vaporiser. Jasmine is a very strong oil, with a strong therapeutic action and, if you’re not used to blending it’s best not used mixed with other essential oils. But don’t be put off, this is a lovely oil; it treats nervous exhaustion and stress, it gives a feeling of optimism and confidence.

—, July, 21