Lobo, an 80-pound Rottweiler cross, suffered massive injuries after getting hit by a car. When the pet first visited Dr. Janell Osborn, a licensed practitioner of healing arts in veterinary medicine, Lobo had lost all movement in his hind quarters due to a spinal cord injury.

Today, the dog, which is owned by Roxanne Brown of Gilman, has made strides in his healing. He has started to run and has regained feeling in his legs, Brown said. She credits her pet’s improvement to holistic medicines and care…Veterinarians in the St. Cloud area are starting to offer more holistic options in addition to conventional treatments. Treatments available in central Minnesota also include changes in diet, nutritional supplements, massage and reiki…Lobo has been treated with a form of acupuncture, physical therapy and herbal treatments for pain, inflammation and restoration of tendons and ligaments.

Grand Forks Herald, St. Cloud, Minnesota, June 29