Lydia Hernandez says it was her calling to help people relieve their stress and pain.

“I once saw a client come out of my boyfriend’s (massage therapy) office and she looked like she was just floating,” Hernandez said. “And I was like ‘wow’ I want to be able to do that.” 

After six months of considering if massage therapy was the job for her, she enrolled in a 300-hour program at Therapeutic Body Concepts. In March 2002, when she completed her advanced therapy training, Hernandez opened her private practice, Lydia’s Massage Therapy.

…”You can go to any spa and get a regular massage. But here you get a massage that’s specialized for your needs, whether you just want a relaxation massage or if you want advanced therapy,” she said.

Hernandez was born in Orlando, Fla., but was raised in San Antonio and considers it her home. Before deciding to go to school for massage therapy, she worked on the administrative side of the medical field for 20 years.
–Express News, San Antonio, Texas, July 23, 2009