You take one step inside the Santa Monica Fertility Specialists Clinic and you’d think you were in the wrong place. There are candles, waterfalls, acupuncture and massage. It’s a full service spa but it’s all about the business of making babies.

Dr. John Jain says he wanted to combine traditional fertility treatments like IVF with holistic medicine. And in the past year it seems to be working. “we’ve followed 12 women so far who have completed the program and in nine we have a pregnancy or have delivered a baby.”

That’s a 75 percent success rate compared to about 40 percent with just IVF alone. I was “completely stressed out and scattered everywhere” says 37 year old Emi Macuaga. After years of trying to get pregnant the “spa way” turned out to be the right way for her. She is expecting her first baby in a few weeks. She says “I was able to find a positive energy…and get centered”.

–KTLA News, Santa Monica, Cal., July 23, 2009