As aerobic warriors and diehard athletes, we never stretch enough, don’t drink enough water, ignore muscle pain and fail to take the occasional break. Over time, we hurt, we get cranky, lopsided and stagnant. Our energy doesn’t flow. But we don’t slow down enough to listen to our bodies.

Frankly, I just assumed that body pain went with the territory. But then Stone Point Shiatsu therapist Bonita Kosciolek called and offered me a challenge. Shiatsu massage is based on Eastern medicine and will help release toxins, let energy flow more freely and heal those chronic sore spots, she said. And she was willing to prove it.

“I am a fitness person. I swim and do the elliptical. Shiatsu and fitness to me are all about preserving this body and keeping young,” she said. “That is what the old senseis [teachers] say. So my challenge to you is to try this on a weekly basis for a few weeks. You will feel better. You will feel something. Something will happen.”

Star Tribune; Minneapolis, Minnesota; August 30, 2009