James Weitz has a healing touch.

This is what you would hear, anyway, from a woman who no longer has a frozen shoulder. She’d been coming to Body Business Massage & Wellness in St. Joseph, receiving massage therapy from owner Diann White, and improved a lot from this. But she wasn’t “completely cured” — as she later described herself to Ms. White — until after Mr. Weitz performed reiki on her.

Reiki…is an ancient therapy that some say harnesses universal energy to heal — or at least treat pain resulting from — a variety of conditions, from arthritis to fibromyalgia to cancer. Although not a very popular approach at this point, anyone willing to give it a chance might see results, says Mr. Weitz, who in addition to being licensed to perform reiki is a massage/bodywork practitioner.

“I place my hands above or on the body,” he explains, “but there’s no manipulation of anything. I channel energy from the universe for that person, and when it runs through their body, it eases pain and helps with stress and brings spiritual and mental peace … Sometimes mainstream medicine won’t work as well or bring that feeling they’ve been searching for of well-being.”