Tucked away upstairs in the Cancer Institute of St. Joseph’s Hospital is the quiet room…Meditative music emanates throughout.

One recent morning a woman lay on the long table, a pillow beneath her knees. Her eyes were closed. Tammy Dragel, coordinator for the Tampa hospital’s Healing Touch program, went to work. She slowly moved her hands over the woman’s body without touching her. Occasionally she laid her hands gently on her feet or legs until she relaxed…Dragel has been trained in “healing touch,” a therapy that involves using one’s hands to gently touch or massage parts of the body, or to move the hands slowly over the body in the energy field emitted by the patient.

Healing touch is used to restore balance and harmony to the body in general and to address particular issues, such as pain, anxiety and the nausea that often accompanies chemotherapy.

The St. Petersburg Times; Tampa, Florida; August 25, 2009