Spa Week is starting to reflect the growing trend of wellness based treatments, instead of a quick beauty-fix. Health and wellness is a growing category as more people seek to cope with stress and illness through natural medicine.

Some of the wellness treatments on menus for this Spring’s Spa Week include:

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – developed by an osteopath doctor this form of massage is highly therapeutic and commonly employed before and after surgeries or for people with edema and lymphatic system issues.

Acupuncture – a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine considered to be helpful with a myriad of health conditions by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Reflexology – known for its benefits with stress and chronic health conditions. Most spas offer foot massage under this name so inquire if your practitioner will be a board certified Reflexologist.

Spa Week will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, April 13-19, 2009.

— Boston Wellness Examiner, Boston, Massachusetts, March 16