Most people call her Zeuf…But her real name is Robin Janiszeufski Hesson, RN, BSN, TNCC … She thought her cancer was a thing of a past. But in 2007, she again was diagnosed with cancer, this time with metastatic breast cancer to her bones…[however] when you meet Zeuf today, you are taken by the joyful energy of her exuberance. She credits a lot of this renewal of energy to Serrena, the Center for Integrative Therapies. 

The Serrena therapies “let people have their passion, their exuberance back,” she adds. “It is the therapies that Serrena provides that make the difference.”

Serrena Executive Director Ratna Anagol says the nonprofit group’s mission is to be “the most respected provider of high quality, interdisciplinary, evidence-based complementary therapies — all within a structure that is self supporting, collaborative and fully integrated with the medical community on the Central Coast.”

The nonprofit organization that offers complementary and integrative therapies for patients with chronic illness, will hold its annual fundraiser Sunday, Oct. 18, from 3-9 p.m. at the Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa.

Monterey County Herald, Monterey, California, Oct. 9