A growing group of community reiki masters…Jessy Morrison, Lorinda Weatherall, Suzanne Dobinson, Savye Braye, Janine Hutchinson, Vera Coles anchor this informal group to bring physical and emotional relief to places where it’s most needed.

Jessy explains:  “We don’t do it because we can ‘save’ or ‘cure’ an illness; we do it to help a person find comfort and relief so their body can heal itself. Sometimes we witness miracles, sometimes all we can do is ease the transition and offer comfort to family members. We help people shift their grief so it becomes more manageable.”

Reiki is considered an ancient healing art of laying on of hands. Reiki sessions are a non-touching, powerful source of support that nourishes bodies and thoughts.

Easier than meditation, more restful than sleep, more revitalizing than caffeine, the receiving of reiki is a gift these women sell in their practices and give to their communities in need. 

SIMCOE.COM, Oct 29, 2009, Ontario, Canada