Get your father a facial for Father’s Day. Here’s why. A facial is essentially a shave, minus the hair removal. You sit in a chair while an aesthetician with strong yet gentle hands applies lotions, sloughs off dead skin cells (aka exfoliation) and squeezes out bad stuff (aka extraction).
Bonus: a head-neck-shoulder massage…

The Grooming Lounge is a good choice for a spa-averse dad. At the L Street location, guys in the waiting room watch ESPN, read magazines about cars and drink beer served by a staffer — at 10:30 a.m.! Music: Sounds like ACDC

For macho dads who would never agree to a facial, the Grooming Lounge hot shave has “a lot of the elements” of a facial, says co-founder Mike Gilman. Steaming towels swath the face. Gotta be good for pores! Oils and lotions are applied. The deft shaver uses a Mach 3 blade at a 90-degree angle, one pass with beard grain, one against. Your face will be so smooth you can skip the next day’s shave and still look sharp…

The only warning before springing for a gift certificate for Dad: Know thy father. When asked whether her dad would enjoy a Father’s Day facial, Kelly Quinn, client relations director at Blu Water, says, “He’s very old-school. He’d rather get tickets to see the Yankees.”

The Washington Post, Washinton D.C., June 16