Breast cancer survivor Pamela Schein Murphy launched the R.E.S.T initiative earlier this year. R.E.S.T. is an acronym for relief energy synergy touch. The not-for-profit looks to change the energy in the treatment rooms by providing free massages to patients as they undergo chemotherapy.

“Chemotherapy is a drug or a variety of drugs that are meant to basically kill every living cell in your body to kill the cancer cells at the same time and that’s what it does. And it’s meant to make you feel awful, and I just really want to inject a little bit of wellness into something that was so focused on the illness,” said Murphy.

Dr. James Speyer, the Medical Director of the NYU Cancer Center, says the soothing human touch has helped his patients better deal with the grueling effects of chemotherapy.

NY 1 News, New York, NY, March 16