“Our business is massage and bodywork,” said Pat Santas, owner. “It is our total focus…It’s not like icing-on-the-cake massage — it’s our commitment.”

Altogether, the therapists at Mindful Massage practice about 50 different types of massage…Many have asked Santas through the years why she doesn’t add manicure, pedicure and other such services.

“My response is that we will keep this space quiet with a simplicity that allows for being present and aware of our bodies in a way that is focused on our health — body awareness of a very different sort than we are routinely presented with by the media.”

Santas said people who go to a massage school, cannot learn everything there, but just the basics. That’s why this kind of practice takes years of experience in order to perfect the quality.

In addition, they have homemade handcrafted soup products to complement the massage and aromatherapy.

“It is a big part of what we do here,” Santas added.

The Valdosta Daily Times, Valdosta, Georgia, Nov. 7