Physical therapist Carl Patrnchak, who operates the Myofascial Therapy Center with licensed massage therapist Marla Monge, said a patient’s posture tells them where tight fascial tissue is restricting normal healthy movement.

“The importance of fascia to our health has been missed over the years,” Patrnchak said. “It doesn’t show up on an X-ray and it doesn’t show up on an MRI.

…Patrnchak and Monge study a form of myofascial release taught by nationally known physical therapist and teacher John Barnes and may work individually, together or together with a third therapist on a single patient. They work by first achieving a balance in the patient’s pelvic region and working outward in both directions.

A typical session will last an hour, although sessions for patients who travel long distances may run up to two hours, and they are typically covered by insurance the same way as traditional physical therapy.

GateHouse News Service, Rockford, Illinois, July 20