The Kindle Program, based in Frederick County, Virginia, is a biweekly program aimed at educating family members in the area of massage and support for the burn victims. Over the course of the Kindle Program, families and victims will also learn how range of motion is measured and monitored of tightly healing skin.

Renny Light, 17, started receiving massage therapy through the Kindle Program two weeks ago. Light reports she has already learned more about how to better care for her injuries and says she can hear a ‘pop’ as waste caught in the scar tissue is broken down during treatment and carried away by the increased blood flow. “It’s not painful,” says the teen, “it provides me a different way to heal.”

The classes cost $15 each, and are open to all ages. The fire and rescue agency is applying for a grant to extend the program throughout the East Coast. For more information, e-mail

— The Northern Virginia Daily, Winchester, Virginia, 3/17/09