As an actor, you literally put your whole body into the work of performing: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When you get to a breaking point, breaking a sweat can knock the kinks out of your body and mind. Sometimes, though, just the opposite is required. Why not let someone else do the knocking for you? From massage and acupuncture to Reiki, the benefits you can reap are multifold.

Massage is a common passive form of muscle manipulation. Jeff Schubert, an actor who is a licensed massage therapist of eight years, notes that while everyone can benefit from massage, “it can help unblock an artist and lead to discovery of new emotional territory.” He likens his personal experience of massage to getting new glasses: “I had gone so long seeing not as well as I could that seeing poorly seemed normal.”

Back Stage; New York, New York; August 21, 2009