In this economy, we could probably all use a little pampering: a massage, a facial, a pedicure. Perhaps a nice soak in a hot whirlpool.

The spa, new figures show, is one thing we’re not giving up, even if it means opting for a cheaper experience and fewer treatments.

In June, 46 percent of the 3,200 members of the International SPA Association reported an increase in the number of shorter treatments of 30 minutes or less, and close to half reported a decrease in the amount spent per visit compared with the same time last year … Revenues were up almost 18 percent in 2008 from the previous year to $12.8 billion, according to ISPA’s 2009 U.S. Spa Industry Update. The number of spa visits increased 16 percent and the number of locations rose almost 19 percent to 21,300 in the U.S. (Day spas make up almost 80 percent).

But per spa, revenues and visits were slightly down … 58 percent of travel agents reported declines in spa travel bookings year-over-year from January through June of this year.

Chicago Tribune; New York, New York; September 2