Description-Typically start in the neck and upper trap areas, then radiate into the base of the skull. Likely problem-Chronic tightness of those muscles and misalignment of upper back and neck vertebrae or spinal bones. Common causes-Excess stress, past injuries that weren’t treated appropriately, postural strain and poor diet. Natural healing strategies- Depending on the specific problem(s) and cause(s): Address sources of stress with relaxation…Relieve muscle tension with massage therapy, hot soaks, exercise and stretching. Correct underlying vertebra misalignment with chiropractic adjustments. Obtain additional soft tissue healing and flexibility with a physical therapist. Consult both for information about proper ergonomics or ways of avoiding postural stress. Consult a doctor or nutritionist trained in clinical nutrition. Improve diet by eating fresh, whole foods 95 percent of the time. Avoid or minimize white sugar, white flour, pop, junk and fried processed “foods.”

Chillicothe Gazette; Chillicothe, Ohio; August 11, 2009