When Cheryl Draper’s husband, Leon, fell ill after a leg injury, and developed an infection that led to conjestive heart failure and kidney problems, she signed him up for massages, and was eventually inspired to learn the art herself in order to help alleviate her huband’s soreness.

She completed her basic massage training in 1996 at the Body Tune Up School of Massage in Stockton. A year later, she returned for training in advanced cranialsacral therapeutic techniques, prenatal massage, elderly massage and manual lymph drainage. Draper also uses reiki and hot stones in her studio.

The stones are offered as a part of a regular massage, Draper said, because, “most people carry their stress there.”

Leon died three years ago, but Cheryl continues her business. The types of massage she performs most often are relaxation and therapeutic. She is able to help clients with stress reduction and recovering after an injury.

Calaveras Enterprise, San Andreas, CA, April 29