After starting at a crime victim’s service center and working as a school counselor, Elizabeth Venart, a licensed professional counselor opened The Resiliency Center last year, which is a wellness center that uses a collaboration of care providers with a variety of programs to transform lives.

The center now has 12 practitioners offering a variety of healing services, along with other workshops and classes.

There are free meditation classes, monthly resiliency workshops, yoga and qigong classes, massage, energy therapies and breath-work to help shift a person’s emotional state. The programs are set up to include a balance of mind, body and spirit.

“When you have body work supporting counseling work, then you have a tremendous difference in the impact,” said Tracie Nichols, a massage therapist and aromatherapist. “When they’re in counseling, they become more aware of themselves and bodywork helps them to go deeper into that, and they can begin to resolve chronic patterns of pain.”

–Montgomery News, Ambler, Pennsylvania, May 12