VAIL, Colorado — The Spa at the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail, Colorado is now offering magnetic resonance stimulation technology. MRS helps enhance the effectiveness of treatments offered in the spa, relieve stress and aid in muscle healing and recovery after exertion.

Magnetic resonance stimulation uses low intensity pulsed electro-magnetic field application that assists the body’s daily natural cleansing and repair cycle by optimizing the function and healing capacity of every cell, according to It purports to increase oxygen absorption, aid in detoxification, stimulate metabolism, enhance nutritional absorption and increase bone density.

The Sonnenalp recommends adding a 25-minute session with the MRS to a massage to complement the treatment. Guests have also reported increased energy, better sleep and less muscle fatigue and soreness by relaxing on the MRS prior to or immediately after skiing.

Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado, March 25