One person has decided to take her lifelong commitment to health and training into detailed and advanced techniques to help those suffering from pain and discomfort.

Rebecca Shaw, an athlete herself and one devoted to a body-building lifestyle for nearly 30 years, has opened the doors to such a healing process by way of her Dreams Massage and BodyWorks in Middleburg Heights.

“As I would work out and train clients, I always envisioned having my own place,” said Shaw, a former swimmer at Berea High as well as a body builder and boxer…

“I have the ability to relate to athletes dealing with injury,” said Shaw, a former Cleveland Toughwoman champion in 1995. “I know what sore muscles, intense training and conditioning feel like, while having first-hand knowledge of how the body works in action . . . knowing which muscles are doing what and why there may be a problem.”

Sun News, Middleburg Hts. Cleveland, July 30