What are the advantages of using organic skin care products and treatments?

Using true organic ingredients as opposed to all store bought products is similar to comparing fast food to a gourmet nutritionist chef preparing your meals. Consher’s line is void of all unhealthy preservatives as well as fillers which achieve zero skin care goals. Simple, safe and effective is the whole idea behind the Consher Organic Spa’s line of products.

Has the recession impacted your business, and if so, how have you adapted?

Consher Organic Spa opened in July of 2007 just before the recession began to affect the local economy. Opening a new spa in these circumstances would strain any business, and we certainly were prepared to weather the storm.  Recently, Consher was able to expand and renovate due to loyal clientele.

Are organic products and services more expensive than others offered at conventional spas?

Absolutely not, our prices are very reasonable, especially for the specialized services that we are known for. Comparing the menu prices to spas in and around the Birmingham area, Consher is extremely competitive.

The Examiner-Miami; August 14, 2009