459994951Depending on the nature of your practice, you may find yourself using one staple massage cream or several different lubricants during the course of any given workday. As a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, it can pay to reassess your creams and lubricants on a regular basis to be sure nothing needs to be tweaked or switched to best serve your clients.

Remembering to stay aware of how your massage cream is working with your techniques and clients can be difficult, however. Massage cream is something you most likely use every day, so it can become automatic to reach for a product and not really think about it. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can weave more awareness into your routine and stay on top of quality control when it comes to your products.

One important time to make sure your current massage creams are serving you and your clients is after learning any new type of technique. For example, if you are a massage therapist who tends to practice Swedish massage and you take a continuing education course to begin learning a deeper form of bodywork, you should explore what kind of cream will work best with this new and different modality.

In fact, you may be forced to check how well your massage cream is working, since practicing a form of deep tissue massage therapy with a cream you typically use for Swedish techniques may be challenging. The massage creams practitioners tend to reach for during lighter, more gliding sessions usually offer much more slip or glide than a cream one might reach for when applying a deeper form of bodywork.

If and when you begin integrating a variety of modalities into your work, you will want to do some thinking about the best possible massage cream to use for these diverse sessions — or whether you will need more than one lubricant to use within the same session. Many touch therapists who go back and forth between lighter and deeper techniques may want to try to find a cream that balances the levels of friction and glide to avoid the hassle of using more than one lubricant.

Beyond the incorporation of fresh techniques into your practice, another great time to really think about your massage cream is when you are getting close to running out of a product. If you time this correctly, you should be able to test out samples or small sizes of other creams to figure out whether you want to switch to a new brand with your next order.