From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “What’s Your Dosha?” by Cynthia Copple, in the November 2009 issue. Article summary: India’s ancient system of healing, Ayurveda, provides a template for self-care through its focus on three main constitutions, or doshas.

by Cynthia Copple

For each category in each row, put an “X” in the column of the quality you feel describes you most. Put a mark next to the column which describes you best as you are (or were) when feeling most healthy (your nature), not when you are ill or unbalanced. You may choose one or two in each row; if you choose three, don’t mark it at all and go on to the next row.

BODY TYPE   Sturdy, solid, muscular, very tall or very short  Moderate, soft, slight belly, may put on weight  Slim, wiry, moves a lot, weight tends to stay the same
 APPETITE  Low, slight Strong hunger  Up and down 
 DIGESTION  Slow, eats less Fast, eats a lot  Variable 
 SLEEP  Long, more than 8 hours Moderate, 7-8 hours, sound  Less, 6 hours or less, erratic 
 EVACUATION  Regular, sluggish, tendency toward constipation With ease, 1-2 times a day, tendency toward diarrhea, light color feces  Irregular, sometimes constipated, hard, dark feces
 ENERGY  Slow, steady  High, passionate, may burn out Changeable 
 WORK HABITS  Likes regularity, slow and complete, may procrastinate, good long-term memory  Like to organize, managerial, ambitious, strong “gut reactions,” fast comprehension, likes learning  Creative, likes variety and change, lots of ideas, good short-term memory
 EMOTIONS  Compassionate, level Passionate, strong will  Spirited, changeable 

Total up each column