Ten reasons for taking a hands-on spproach with your infant

Keep your little bundle of joy relaxed and comfortable through the healing touch of massage. Regularly massaging your infant can improve your baby’s sense of well-being and help create a wonderful bond.

According to the International Association of Infant Massage, massage offers little ones the following benefits:

1. Helps relieve digestive discomfort and aids in digestion

2. Improves circulation

3. Enhances the development of the nervous system

4. Increases alertness

5. Improves immune function

6. Relaxes and relieves stress

7. Deepens bonding and enhances intimacy between parent and baby

8. Increases the parent’s ability to communicate with the baby

9. Contributes to overall development

10. Helps baby to sleep.

R-U-VED Inc., one of the premier Ayurvedic herbal companies in the U.S., offers Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil, which includes a special blend of healing and soothing herbs to help keep baby balanced and happy. Ingredients include gentle and healing herbs (used in Ayurvedic medicine for 5,000 years) of bacopa, ashwagandha, gotu kola and sandalwood, in an almond oil base. The massage oil retails for $17.80 for a 6-ounce bottle and is available through RUVED Herbs at ruved.net.