I graduated from massage school in 1994 and have been doing it regularly ever since. I attribute my longevity to many things: 1.) I was physically fit before going into the profession; 2.) I started out part time and conditioned myself to it gradually; 3.) I just said “no” to one spa where the owner wanted to book more than five massages a day for me. I told her that was my limit; she respected that; 4.) I ice, stretch, use a Thera Cane, hot baths, self-massage with an electric massager and get massage from others; 5.) I have been at the same spa now for nine years. We work four- or six-hour shifts. If working six hours, there is an hour break near the middle of the shift. I work four six-hour shifts a week and am the lead massage therapist, so I am full-time and do another day a week of administrative work; 6.) I schedule my massage shifts so I can rest in between days; I work Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and  7.) I recognize my limits and stick to them!!