Well for one thing, I think the 50 minute session should become extinct. To really give a massage and to focus on the clients needs it generally takes more time. So I schedule my clients every 2 hours which allows me to meditate, preparing me mentally and physcially for the next client. OK now I have a comment about the free CD I got with my new subscription of this magazine – It is a wonderful CD, very relaxing and promising UNTILL song #10!!HOLY COW, have you ever given a massage or received a massage where you are totally in the “trance” then someone starts talking?? Well that is what happens with this CD. “at peace massage music” with Michael Benghiat. This is one CD that is going into my ‘target’ shooting box. How sad to lure me into continuing my subscription with an offer of a CD that is useless. So please pass this on to whoever needs to be aware of the ‘free gifts’.