The wisest purchases I made for my massage-therapy practice include foam for my massage table, face cradle and pillow. Clients feel nurtured, and they feel like they are floating on a cloud. One of my friends, gave me a nice golden lamp that creates a soft glow in the room. Many people comment on how beautiful it is. That subdued golden lighting creates an immediate feeling of relaxation.

My CD player is an essential accessory in my practice. When the unit changes from one CD to another, it is very quiet. Everything functions smoothly and reliably, including the repeat program. That frees me up to focus on the session. Part of my “going green” program includes fabulously fragranced soy candles. They have cotton lead-free wicks. My favorite fragrances are Thai Lemongrass and Persian Rose.

My favorite storage cabinet in my massage room is a beautiful pine jelly jar cabinet that came to me from a friend. It’s attractive and it keeps my lotions and supplies out of sight, giving my room a nice, simple, clean look. To decorate the walls, I hung a framed picture of a pink water lily that I treasure; a round mirror; and a tranquil picture of Diamond Head, Hawaii. The peaceful space is enhanced by the gratitude I feel for each and every client I feel fortunate to receive in my practice. When I feel peaceful, that energy permeates the treatment room. Many clients comment on how serene and peaceful it feels the moment they enter the door. It is the peace in our hearts that truly creates a peaceful space for our sessions.