Just about every time I look at a magazine front cover be it a Massage magazine, Spa magazine or Time magazine I’m seeing more and more about Groupon, Living Social and the like. As a massage therapist with my own practice I have a rented room in a chiropractors office and it’s been a tremendous struggle to keep my doors open. If I received 2-3 phone calls weekly that was a lot let alone anyone walking off the streets and into my office. After reading all the negative comments therapists and some spa’s had to say about these companies, I decided I had nothing to lose at this point and I’m glad I took the leap. Groupon and Living Social has exploded my business. I am seeing more clients than ever and even though some do not return I have managed to retain several. I say don’t knock it before you try it. In this day and age where money is just tight for the aver rage guy I’ve learned sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do to be able to pay our bills and to keep the doors open. I have no regrets.