First of all, every massage session can be a unique experience for each client. When this occurs, they will send family, friends and anyone they know to you. Make sure you have a business card that tells what you do and not too much extra info. Give it out everywhere you go. Also, write out a 30-second commercial/blurb about what you do. Define your massage therapy—give a success story or tell folks what you want to do (i.e., work with people in pain or stress management using aromatherapy). Everyone has a different mindset when we say “massage therapy,” and we don’t know what that is, so let everyone know what that is for you. Lastly, when working, allow the client to talk, but be quiet. I receive so many people saying their old therapist talked or chitchatted the whole time about themselves. People are paying and it needs to be all about them! Silence is a jewel. Just because a client asks you a question, you don’t have to go into it. Just say, “It’s now your time.” Questions can be addressed before or after the session. When you work with your heart and really make it all about the patient/client, clients will come and you will build a huge clientele.