No matter where you work, your time-management skills will have a huge impact on your success as a massage therapist. Never be late for appointments–it sends the message you don’t think their time is important. Allow enough time for intake and for talking to clients before massage. Never rush them or yourself. I schedule 30 minutes in between each session; time enough to schedule the next appointment, get paid, change linens and prepare a quick snack if needed. Then, I stretch and I’m ready for the next session. This way, when that client arrives, they have my full attention. Unfortunately, some people will not respect your time. They’ll call to cancel at the last minute or miss their appointments altogether. You need to gently remind these folks that this behavior is unacceptable. I teach my clients to value my time by telling them if I ever cancel at the last minute or forget an appointment I’ll give them a complimentary massage. I respect their time, so I ask that they respect mine as well. Most importantly, remember, what you permit, you promote.