First and foremost, I pray and give thanks throughout the day–especially as I work! Secondly, I receive Cranial Release Technique (CRT) sessions 2- to 3-times a month. I know the impact this one technique has on my body and my stress level, and it takes all of two minutes to perform. Also, I receive massages regularly–every 2 weeks. I’m aware of my body mechanics while I work and have added some pretty cool moves that help keep me strong. I make sure I eat good foods–plenty of fiber, fruits, veggies, fish, beans, yogurt and power bars. I keep my body moving and exercise often. I have a treadmill in my living room. And, finally, I spend time each day receiving lots of love and kisses from my precious little dogs Kobi and Jacky Chan. That combination makes for a sweet time and a fairly well-rounded way to take care of ME.