(I’m in charge of new Massage Therapy certification program at Tarrant County College here in Fort Worth, TX, so I am super ready for this answer!) 1. You will not make six figures, ever, just doing massage therapy. It will be a long, winding, and adventurous road to making that kind of money. It can be done in your lifetime, but for now you’ll have to settle for under $30K a year. 2. There are LOTS of career options available. Day spas and sole proprietorship are not the only forms out there. Hospitals, resorts, cruise ships, wellness clinics, corporate massage, Lymphedema clinics–the list goes on! 3. Be business savvy and start networking early on. It really is about who you know and how to grease the wheels to get where and what you want. 4. Great therapists have undying passion and enthusiasm about Massage Therapy. There are still a lot of people who aren’t getting massages that should–talk to as many people as you can about how it can help them! Education and knowledge is power. 5. Massage Therapy requires little start-up money. Liability insurance and professional organization membership are extremely affordable compared to other careers. 6. Being nervous and second-guessing your technique is natural. Practicing pro-bono is an invaluable resource and sometimes it’s not about money.