The recession has truly taken its toll on the Massage and Bodywork industry. Self care tends to be one of the first things that people trim back when the belt is sinched on personal spending. I have been blessed in having landed my business within the embracing arms of a supporting entity that is the only one of its kind in our area. It is a Massage school, Massage supply store and a 7 room facility that contracts with a myriad of certified massage therapists as independant contractors. Recently we have come up with a great way of combating the recession’s menacing choke hold. You see, our city/county is only able to have a hotel with a maximum 3 star rating. That means that no hotel may offer massage in house. What we have done is put together a presentation package for a neighboring hotel that provides them a discount when they buy massages from us in bulk alowing them to include ‘massage at a near by facility’ (within walking distance) in their own package deals to the hotel guests. We have also offered great rates as a resource for the hotel when they have business groups, conferences, etc. that would enjoy having us provide on premises chair massages. Another facet that the hotel is taking advantage of is providing massage gift certificates to their staff as reward for stellar performance. Not to mention the same on site chair massage offering for hotel staff which will relax and smooth out stresses thus assisting them in their quest to be friendlier and more efficient in their work. This has been a win, win situation with low overhead and minimal costs in advertising.