The biggest thing I do for self-care is to be proactive about avoiding fatigue, long-term injuries and chronic pain. This means scheduling myself for massages and other wellness/spa services when I need them — at least 2-3 services a month, and I keep my schedule paced so I don’t have too many clients in a row on one day. It also means I must be willing to cancel or move an appointment if I feel under the weather and/or saying “no” to taking on projects or clients that I really can’t fit in. Since I sold my first spa where I worked an insane number of hours and rarely took time off, I have also learned to make extra time in my day for the things I really enjoy like cooking, gardening, reading and spending time with my husband and dogs as well as exercising and just being outside. I also go to bed earlier than I might choose to at times to be sure I have enough energy to face what is on my plate the next day. For me, practicing moderation, listening to my body, and doing the things I tell my clients to do for themselves are the keys to taking care of myself and for being able to work in this profession for more than 15 years.