When I begin a session with a client, whether for the first time or the fiftieth, I always ask what they’re hoping to accomplish through massage that day. Once I know the results they want, I can suggest other services or products that will help them achieve what they desire. Also, during each session, I let them know about other issues I notice, such as dry skin, and inform them about any products I have available which can help.
In essence, I believe clients come to me for work, and are looking for solutions to certain [physical or mental] problems. Why not offer them as many options as possible to help get the results they want? And, remember, many of the solutions you “sell” people, such as showing them stretches, referring them to a chiropractor and encouraging them to drink more water, don’t have to cost anything. Applying these principles to your practice can increase your credibility, strengthen your relationship with your clients and even put a little more money in your bank account.