I’ve had a number of offices in my 15 years of being in practice. In the beginning, these offices were in other people’s businesses, so I had little control of the furniture or ambiance in the room. When I opened my own spa, I made sure all the rooms were painted in warm, relaxing colors. Each room was similar in style, orderly, extremely clean and clutter-free. I opened my own office after selling the spa and was very intentional about creating the look and feel of the space. Every object in the room was specifically chosen for the room, with all decor blending together to create a cohesive feel. To make my clients more comfortable, I have several tricks: a radiant heater to warm the room and heat towels; a fan to cool the room and provide white noise to cover outside sounds; an aromatherapy mist to refresh the air and provide a gentle aroma; soft, indirect lighting; beautiful silk flowers and small sculptures to soften the feel; emergency cough drops and bottled water for client and staff use; and soft, plush blankets, towels, pillows and eye pillows.