Before I became a massage therapist 14 years ago, I instinctively practiced something like polarity on my friends and family whenever the opportunity arose. Once I got a little training in that modality in massage school, I began to add a bit of it here and there in my practice, whenever it seemed needed or appropriate. Although I love massage by itself, in some ways the addition of polarity to a session seems to deepen the effectiveness, experience and authenticity of the healing for myself and the client. This is not something I offer to every client or even advertise, but provide just to clients who are open and interested in that type of work. Similarly, I sometimes do guided meditation with my clients during sessions and produced a CD of original meditations (Just Breathe: Guided Meditations for Inner Peace) last year. I gave a copy of it to all of my clients, so they would have a relaxation tool to use at home when they couldn’t get in to see me. Many have told me how effective it has been in helping them relax, sleep or recover from various illnesses. It is such a gift to know that I have been able to provide them with a form of relaxation beyond an hour of my time and hands-on work.