Abdominal massage is essential for the well-being of the entirety of the body. The internal organs are not only what we process foods, but emotions as well. A simple example of this is when you hear someone say: “I just had a gut feeling about it..”. Often our body reacts before our brains can process what is happening. If digestion is sluggish and unbalanced, then so is the way we think and process in our daily lives. Yes, I include abdominal massage in just about every massage. As a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner of 7 years I typically integrate some basic techniques into regular massage sessions.This is always a great opportunity to educate individuals about diet and lifestyle changes as well. It’s quite profound to experience the intimacy and trust shared with a client who has not yet received abdominal work. Many people are disconnected from their abdomens and the organs inside; but this is our machine, our engine–and abdominal massage is one way to keep maintenance on it.